Full Detail Valet(per day)

Full Detail Valet(per day)

Full Detail Valet(per day)
per vehicle

This service includes:

* Full vehicle decontamination
* Full engine bay detail clean & dressed
* Wheels cleaned/tyres dressed (wheel acid used if needed)
* Vehicle pre cleaned, then washed with a PH neutral shampoo
* Vehicle dried with microfibre towels

*Full machine polish gloss enhancement 

* A layer of super high resin polish applied
* High grade carnauba wax also applied
* Interior vacuumed/all plastics cleaned & dressed
* Fabric seats/carpets washed/wet vacuumed
* Leather seats cleaned & leather balm applied
* All windows cleaned & polished

* Add a (6 month)ceramic wax application for £100 (OPTIONAL)

*Add a (3/5 year)ceramic paint prtection for £300(OPTIONAL) 

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